Sign in now, a fantastic tournament
is waiting for you…
loads of fun and great parties!


  • Thursday, June 22nd
    from 11.00 to 20.00
    (until 22.00 for the teams who decide to book accommodation with us)
  • Friday, June 23rd
    from 7.45.00 to 20.00
    (until 22.00 for the teams who decide to book accommodation with us)
  • Saturday, June 24th 
    7.45 to 12.00


  • Saturday, June 24th from 9.30 to 18.30
  • Sunday, June 25th from 9.30
    (Finals starting at 16:00)

The aforementioned scheduled times may be subject to variation.

An endless party: on and off the field!

A weekend dedicated to those who love rugby, sea and beach parties: the Beach Rugby Festival in Bibione is an event that you will keep in your heart and that will give you great emotions.

Unfavourable weather conditions and other external events

The Beach Rugby event will take place despite of any weather condition. Of course in certain unfavourable weather conditions (or other external events) the organizers can decide at their discretion, to suspend provisionally or permanently the matches without any obligation of reimbursement. In case of permanent suspension of the matches during the qualifying round, the provisional rankings will be drawn up on the basis of the results achieved by each team at the time of suspension; for the teams that have not played any match will be assigned by default a point ratio equal to the average of the points calculated for matches played in the same category; for equal point ratio, the ranking position will be determined based on the date of registration (date and time of receipt of the application form).

In case of permanent suspension of the the final round, for each matchplay draw that is still in the running, the prize money, with the exception of those already awarded, will be equally divided between the teams that were still playing at the time of the suspension and assigned only if the amount per team is higher than 20,00 EUR.


Arrivals and departures

Upon arrival in Bibione the person in charge of the contract (or his delegate) must check-in for the event. At the check-in he will collect the t-shirts, identification bracelets, all the information about the stay and the evening activities. Check-in will take place in Bibione at the Centro Sportivo Polivalente – (Via Cellina, 2), scheduled as follow: on Thursday, from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm (until 10:00 pm for teams who arrange their accommodations with us); on Friday, from 7:45 am to 8:00 pm (until 10:00 pm for teams who arrange their accommodations with us); on Saturday, from 7:45 am to12:00 am. During the check-in the person in charge (or his delegate, who shall have the contract of sale) has to deliver, together with medical certificates, all the “athletes’ form” signed by all participants, and he/she must pay in cash the outstanding balance (if any) for accommodation, other services and individual athletes fees. All accommodation will be available starting from 4:00 pm (unless otherwise specified) and must check out by 10.00 am on departure day, unless otherwise agreed at the check in. Note: City tax must be paid upon arrival.


Arrivals after closing the check-in– General provisions

For any arrivals after closing the check-in, the person in charge of the contract must communicate the delay to the organizers before 19.00 on the day of arrival, and finish the check-in the next morning.


Identification bracelet

During check-in, the person in charge of the team will collect the coloured identification bracelets for all the athletes and for all the other people not registered as an athlete who will access to other services during the event. The bracelet needs to be compulsorily carried on the wrist or ankle for the whole duration of the event, will allow free entry to discos, discount on the thermal pools and on the beach service (chairs and umbrellas), discounts in pizzerias and affiliated clubs. In case of breakage or loss the request for a new bracelet will be forwarded to the organizing secretariat (check-in area): the new bracelet will be delivered free of charge only if you return the old bracelet. Note: During the whole event there will be a check on the correct use of the bracelets, in case we notice teams that are playing a match with one or more athletes without the coloured identification bracelet will be expelled from the tournament without any reimbursement.