Who should attend

Participation is open to teams of athletes with no age limit and at any level of play, divided into categories:5vs5 Male (5 men on the field), 5vs5 Female, (5 women on the field). Both categories may have a maximum of 7 reserves. Athletes who are part of one team cannot be part of other teams. Participation in the tournament involves the acceptance of the “General Regulation” which is downloadable here. Note: To foster youth team participation, we invite sport clubs to take part to this event with one or more youth teams aged between 14 and 17 and benefit from the complimentary participation fee.

The Event

Beach Rugby Festival® is an open tournament that every summer gathers teams of all levels, ready to challenge each other and then celebrate the Third Time on the beach in Bibione (Venice – Italy). Starting from this year, both categories (5vs5 Male and 5vs5 Female) will compete for a prize money of € 5,700.00. A personal pass delivered at check-in allows participants free entry to the disco parties, reductions on the entrance fee to the thermal pools, discounts in the bars and pizzerias affiliated. For those who do not want to renounce to a comfortable bed, there will be accommodation available at special rates in the best residences, campsites and hotels of Bibione.



Registrations to Beach Rugby for 2017 must be completed no later than the second deadline: Thursday 13th of June by sending or via email (iscrizioni@radunisportivi.it con file .pdf) or by fax (041.595.98.82 – 041.595.14.82), the registration form together with the payment receipt of the entire amount of registration fees for the whole team and the total amount of any fees, accommodation, injury insurance policy and any additional services, (in case of bank transfer) indicating in the payment description: BRF and the name of team/s. If paying by credit card it will be enough to send the application form only. To facilitate administrative work, please do not let pass more than three days from the date of the payment and the date of the forwarding of the documents requested. In case the application form is sent after June 13th there will be an extra charge of 20.00 euros on the team fees.

The outstanding balance of individual athlete fees, part of the amount due for accommodation or other services will take place during check-in. Cash only (no payments by check, debit or credit card).

The confirmation will be sent via e-mail within ten working days of receipt of required documents. If the confirmation has not arrived within ten working days please contact the administrative office of the organization. Withdrawals: withdrawals taking place prior to departure shall be subject to the penalty fees outlined in “General terms and conditions – art. 7“.


Here all the procedures to formalize the inscription:

1 – Application form (booking request for tourist package/service). The participation form must be filled in, printed, signed by the person in charge of the contract and sent by email(iscrizioni@radunisportivi.it in format .pdf) or by fax (041.595.98.82 – 041.595.14.82), with the receipt of payment (in case of bank transfer) and the athlete registration form. Note: the registration will be completed only when the receipt of the payment and the registration form will be submitted.

2 – Methods of payment. Registration must be completed by bank transfer or credit card (Visa and MasterCard). For bank transfer, we must receive the copy of the payment receipt together with the application form (by fax or email). The beneficiary of bank transfer must be Raduni Sportivi Srl (via Milano, 2/b – 30020 Marcon – Ve) to c/c n. 1313 of Banco Popolare – Venezia Branch, San Leonardo, 1906 (IBAN: IT61 L 05034 02013 000000001313 – SWIFT: BAPPIT21603), in the payment description: BRF and the team name. Note: For every transaction with a credit card, there is a commission provided at your expenses.

3 – Athletes form (list of athletes) Each team must fill in the Athletes Form, which must be printed, signed by each team player and delivered at the check in. In case of athletes who are underage a parent or a guardian must sign the registration form in his behalf in order to allow the minor to participate in the sports event as an athlete. Note: Any changes and/or additions to the athlete list (i.e. entering new athletes, adding missing data, etc.) could be performed at any time or during the check-in.

4 – Health Certificate. A valid health certificate up to date is required. This certificate will be valid for the whole duration of the sporting event. The team manager (or a delegate) must hand in the medical certificates (copies are accepted too) for all members of his/her team during the check-in. A doctor will be available during the check-in process for anyone needing a physical examination and the certificate.  At the end of the tournament, athletes may retrieve their medical certificates in the secretariat area nearby the central court, on Saturday from 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm and on Sundays from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm. Please note that it will not be possible the rendering of the certificates after the end of the event.