General regulations

Beach Rugby Festival

General regulations
Beach Rugby Festival®
General Regulation

The participation imply the acceptance of the following regulation.

The Beach Rugby Festival ® is an open tournament organized by the tour operator SportFelix brand of Raduni Sportivi srl in association with the ASD Beach Volleyball Group. In accordance with the spirit of the event, all matches must be played according to the principles of “fair play”. Athletes must accept the referee’s decisions and be respectful of all the other participants; otherwise the organizers may, at their sole discretion, decide to exclude the participant from the tournament without being obligated to offer any reimbursement. Moreover, the participant can be also excluded by the tournament if the accommodation facility will ask them to leave the place due to misconduct. No reimbursement also in this case. By registering to the event, participants agree to accept all stated in the General Regulation, raise and release Raduni Sportivi srl, ASD Beach Volley Group, the promoters, the city council, all sponsors of event, the CEO of the companies mentioned above, from any kind of present and future claims or liability resulting from the participation in the event. The signatories grant as well their permission to all these entities to use photographs, tapes, videos, images, for any legitimate use without remuneration. The participants also agree with the processing of personal data for the sending of communications and / or advertising materials from the organizers and their potential partners and/or sponsors (the data will be handled in compliance with current laws privacy).


Participation is open to teams of athletes with no age limit and at any level of play, divided into categories:5vs5 Male (5 men on the field), 5vs5 Female, (5 women on the field). Both categories may have a maximum of 7 reserves. Athletes who are part of one team cannot be part of other teams. Participation in the tournament involves the acceptance of the “General Regulation”. Note: To foster youth team participation, we invite sport clubs to take part to this event with one or more youth teams aged between 14 and 17 and benefit from the complimentary participation fee.

Looking for a team

Those who are searching for a team to play in or those who need another player to complete their team may send their request to our Facebook page(Beach Rugby Festival), or in the section “Looking for a team”, in this way, it will be facilitate the participation through the exchange of similar requests.

Match formats.

All matches will be competed on Saturday and Sunday. The match format includes a qualification stage (on Saturday), consisting of round robin tournaments with more teams. At the end of the qualification stage a provisional table will be drawn up for both categories on the basis of the point ratio gained until that moment by each team (with an equal point ratio the best positions are assigned on the basis of the formalized registration). The final stage (Sunday) will take place based on the above-mentioned ranking with direct elimination matches until the final one. All matches will be divided into two half of five actual minutes each with an interval of three minutes in between; on Sunday (final) at the end of the two regular time, in case of draw will be made a third extra with no time limit with the rule of sudden death: the first team that will score, will win the match and will go to the next round.

Game Uniforms
Every team in the pitch must wear numbered jerseys and shorts made of resistant fabric. Players must play barefoot (socks are allowed) unless otherwise authorized by the referee.


The matches will be supervised by a qualified staff of referees. All matches must be played in accordance with the principles of fair play, athletes must accept the referee’s decisions and be respectful of all the other participants; otherwise the organizers can decide, at their sole discretion, to exclude the participant from the tournament without obligation to offer any reimbursement.

Check of the qualifying round results.

During the qualifying round, teams must verify the accuracy of the final results of their matches displayed on the scoreboard. Once the qualifying round have been completed, it will not be possible to request any corrections of results.

Matches won and lost by default.

In the qualifying round, the results of the matches won or lost by default will assign a try score of 6-0 to the losing team. The score will determine the quotient points of the provisional ranking. However no points will be assigned and counted to teams winning the match by default.

Program and refereeing of the final phase (Sunday).

The rankings of the qualifying round will be available, late Saturday evening, (Within two hours from the end of the last game), in the “Ranking” section of the website In addition, a text message will be sent to all the players in charge of the whole team that will communicate the ranking position obtained in the qualifying round.

Lateness’ management. Teams must arrive on playing courts at least 30 minutes prior the scheduled time assigned (and at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time for teams playing the first match in the morning). Any team that does not arrive on the court, or is incomplete, or arrives more than 20 minutes after the times given in the match draw, will be declared defeated by default with a score of 0-6. No lateness will be accepted for the first round of the tournament in the morning. Any team that does not arrive on the court, or it is incomplete, or arrives later than their set time, will be declared defeated by default with a score of 0-6. The Tournament Director will take the final decision and declare a team defeated by default after being informed of the lateness from the opposing team and/or the referee .

Prize money.

The event awards a total prize of 5.700,00 euro and will be assigned to the first 4 teams classified. The amounts are intended as pre-tax in accordance with the law on withholding tax (presently amounting to 20%, Article 30, Presidential Decree 600/ 1973) and will be paid out at the end of the tournament, after filling out the receipt.Note: the amount of the prize will be collected by the person in charge of the team (or his delegate) after the final match that awards the prize and no later than 7:00 pm of Sunday (final day of the tournament). The prize cannot be collected in the following days. The money not collected will be donated to charity in favour of: ONLUS SOS HANDICAP BAMBINI INVISIBILI.

5vs5 Male: 1a Class. = euro 2.000,00; 2a Class. = euro 1.000,00; 3a Class. = euro 500,00; 4a Class. = euro 300,00.

5vs5 Female: 1a Class. = euro 1.000,00; 2a Class. = euro 500,00; 3a Class. = euro 250,00; 4a Class. = euro 150,00.

Athletes form.

To participate in the Beach Volleyball Marathon®, teams must fill in the athletes form (available in the “Registration” section). Each team must fill in the form, which must be printed, signed by each team player and delivered when the team is checking in. In case of athletes who are underage a parent or a guardian must sign the registration form in his behalf in order to allow the minor to participate in the sports event as an athlete. Note: Any changes and/or additions to the athlete list (i.e. entering new athletes, adding missing data, etc.) can be done during the check in, before the beginning of the first match on the first day.

Health Certificate.

In order to participate to the tournament all the athletes must have a valid health certificate for sporting purposes. This certificate will be valid for the duration of the sporting event. The team manager (or a delegate) must hand in the medical certificates (copies are acceptable) for all members of his/her team during the check-in. A doctor will be available during the check-in process for anyone needing a physical examination and a certificate.  At the end of the matches, athletes may retrieve their medical certificates in the secretariat area nearby the central court, on Saturday from 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm and on Sundays from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm. Please note that it will not be possible the rendering of the certificates after the end of the event.

Insurance for injury.

Athletes who are lacking of personal insurance may pay a supplement of 10.00 euro/athlete to request one: this amount will provide him/her with insurance coverage for accident risk during the sporting event. The names of athletes who request the insurance must be indicated on the “athletes form”. All the information about the insurance policy can be downloaded in the section: “Useful documents” at

Unfavourable weather conditions and other external events.

The Beach Rugby event will take place despite of any weather condition. Of course in certain unfavourable weather conditions (or other external events) the organizers can decide at their discretion, to suspend provisionally or permanently the matches without any obligation of reimbursement. In case of permanent suspension of the matches during the qualifying round, the provisional rankings will be drawn up on the basis of the results achieved by each team at the time of suspension; for the teams that have not played any match will be assigned by default a point ratio equal to the average of the points calculated for matches played in the same category; for equal point ratio, the ranking position will be determined based on the date of registration (date and time of receipt of the application form).

In case of permanent suspension of the the final round, for each matchplay draw that is still in the running, the prize money, with the exception of those already awarded, will be equally divided between the teams that were still playing at the time of the suspension and assigned only if the amount per team is higher than 20,00 EUR.

Identification bracelet.

During check-in, the person in charge of the team will collect the coloured identification bracelets for all the athletes and for all the other people not registered as an athlete who will access to other services during the event. The bracelet needs to be compulsorily carried on the wrist or ankle for the whole duration of the event, will allow free entry to discos, discount on the thermal pools and on the beach service (chairs and umbrellas), discounts in pizzerias and affiliated clubs. In case of breakage or loss the request for a new bracelet will be forwarded to the organizing secretariat (check-in area): the new bracelet will be delivered free of charge only if you return the old bracelet. Note: During the whole event there will be a check on the correct use of the bracelets, in case we notice teams that are playing a match with one or more athletes without the coloured identification bracelet will be expelled from the tournament without any reimbursement.

Arrivals and departures.

Upon arrival in Bibione the person in charge of the contract (or his delegate) must check-in for the event. At the check-in he will collect the t-shirts, identification bracelets, all the information about the stay and the evening activities. Check-in will take place in Bibione at the Centro Sportivo Polivalente – (Via Cellina, 2), scheduled as follow: on Thursday, from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm (until 10:00 pm for teams who arrange their accommodations with us); on Friday, from 7:45 am to 8:00 pm (until 10:00 pm for teams who arrange their accommodations with us); on Saturday, from 7:45 am to12:00 am. During the check-in the person in charge (or his delegate, who shall have the contract of sale) has to deliver, together with medical certificates, all the “athletes’ form” signed by all participants, and he/she must pay in cash the outstanding balance (if any) for accommodation, other services and individual athletes fees. All accommodation will be available starting from 4:00 pm (unless otherwise specified) and must check out by 10.00 am on departure day, unless otherwise agreed at the check in. Note: City tax must be paid upon arrival.

Arrivals after closing the check-in– General provisions. For any arrivals after closing the check-in, the person in charge of the contract must communicate the delay to the organizers before 19.00 on the day of arrival, and finish the check-in the next morning.

ACCOMMODATION> Fees and accommodation procedures

Bibione – Hotel accommodation.

Participants can request a stay by contacting the Bibione Hoteliers Association (ABA) on +39 0431.44.70.52 – email: This will allow you to choose the best accommodation among the wide range of hotels, apartments, mobile homes, aparthotel and campsite avoiding the assignment on arrival. The procedure is to formalize the reservation with a prepayment to ABA.

With the confirmation of the stay, which includes a minimum stay of two-nights for all team members, the ABA will release a personal code that, will be inserted in the section “stay”. This will allow the reduction on the registration fee. Note: the written confirmation of your stay by the ABA may take a few days, so please contact the ABA at least three / four days in advance before deadline. Information: City tax to be paid upon arrival for stays in Bibione.

Main rules of the game
1. Each team must have their own ball.
2. The playing area must have the following measurements: length 31 meters (tolerance +/- 1 mt. including both team in-goal areas of 3 meters each) of 3 meters in-goal areas.
each, and a width of 25 meters (tolerance +/- 1 mt.).
3. The ball used in the game shall be a no. 4 type.
4. All matches will have two 5-minutes halves, with a 3 minutes halftime. In case of a draw at the end of the two regulatory half times, a third half time (no time limit) will be played, also known as the sudden death round: the first team to score wins and goes on the next round. During the time out the referee shall stop the actual playing time.
5. If a team loses more than two matches by default during the qualifying rounds, in order to establish tournament points and results (for preliminary classification), no results of matches lost or won by default will be took into consideration.
6. Team with less than five players will not be allowed to continue a match. If there is no reserve player and the number of athletes of one of the team is lower than 3 in the field, the match will be suspended and the contending team will be considered winner with a score of 0-6.

  1. They are granted for a maximum of seven reserves that will enter and exit the field several times in the same game without the referee’s permission but only during the game; players may only enter in the field at the midfieldline (tolerance +/- 1mt) while the exit can be done at any point of the field.
    8. The try is worth one point, and there are no goals after a try.
    9. It is forbidden to kick the ball.
    10. You may not pass the ball forward.
    11. At the beginning of the game and after each try the game is resumed by putting the ball in midfield, removing the hands and by touching the ball lightly with your foot to regain possession and then leave. This operation is known as tap or tapball. The defending team will retreat for 5 meters from the point of Tap.
    12. Line-out and scrimmage are eliminated and the game is resumed with a free kick.
    13. The player who comes in with the ball in the opponents’ goal area must score the goal within three seconds, otherwise it will resume with a free kick to the defending team, kick to beat five meters from the goal line.
  2. The ball must be left at the exact point where the try has been scored. If the ball is moved by the player who scored of by his teamplayers, the team will be punished with a yellow card.
  3. After scoring a try, the ball will either be free-kicked from the middle of the field by the team which suffered the try, or quickly by the player who retrieves the ball from the In-goal area.
  4. In every instance where the game resumes one must wait for the opposing team to place themselves, the distance from the ball for penalties kicks or kick-off shall be 5 meters. If the distance is not observed, the referee, the same will ascribe a further 5-meter penalty to the player.
    17. The ball carrier, as well as the ball, is not allowed to touch the referee. If the ball carrier or the ball,
    touches the referee, the same will give a free kick to the ball carrier or to the player who, passing the ball, touched the referee. If either team gains an advantage in the field of play, the referee will assign a try or annul a try, at the point of contact, depending on wheter the contact resulted from an attacker or a defender.
  5. In the event that the referee is aware that a team is in the field with more than five players, he will stop the game; the game will resume with a penalty; moreover, the referee may disallow any action that has scored and the defending team has 6 players on the field: the score stands. (Eg.A: a try is scored and the defending team has 6 players on the field: the score stands. Eg. B. A try is scored and the attacking team has 6 players on the field: the try is disallowed).
  6. When the player carrying the ball is tackled by an opponent within 2 seconds from the halt he must release the ball, unless it affects him by greataly slowing his advance; if the ball is not available within 2 seconds since the beginning of the static tackling, or from the moment of the halt of the referee, the team will lose possession of the ball (turn over) and a free kick will be given to the team on defense. The second should be counted even in case of formation of the grouping to the ground (ruck); during the game only the captain can speak to the referee to ask for explanations or to report serious irregularities (eg. The sith opposing player on the pitch) and it can do only during the stationary game.

Sanctions and penalties
1. During the tournament the player may suffer the following penalties:

Admonition by yellow card with temporary expulsion of 2 minutes; resuming play behind the opponent’s In-goal;
permanent explulsion: disqualification for the next matches of the same set. If a player is diqualified, he/she may not take part in the current game and may not sit inthe substitute bench. He/she may not be replaced; moreover if due to the expulsion there are less than 3 players on the field, the team will be declared loser with a score of 0-6.
2. In the case of an admonition and/or expulsion the referee must ascertain the player’s identify and must state it in the match report.

  1. Admonitions shall be recorded in the match report. Any players who received two admonitions shall be expelled and disqualified from the subsequent match. In the case of severe unsportsmanlike conduct the Director of the match may, at his own discretion, decree that the player be disqualified for the entire duration of the tournament.

Note: For any matters not covered herein, the LIBR and LITR laws apply.