Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is it possible to enroll a team after the date indicated in the application form? Yes, but only in case of available places. It is recommended to contact the organization.

2) Do the people accompany a team have access to the same services offered to the athletes? People not registered as an athlete (people accompanying teams, visitors, etc.) wishing to take part in evening parties and other services during the sporting event must pay a fee of euro 10.00 per individual. This will be valid for the entire duration of the weekend. With the payment of the fee, you will be released a colored identification bracelet that will allow for the three tournament days free access to the Villaggio Turistico Internazionale (opposite of the courts) from 8:30am to 10:30pm, the use of the warming up courts, the entrance to the evening parties on the beach (Beach party) and disco, a reduction in the cost to the thermal pools (Bibione Thermae) and beach service with deck chairs and umbrella.

3) The team does not have its own transportation. Raduni Sportivi Srl will provide travel solutions to and from Bibione with departures from all the main cities in Italy, or for a transfer service from the railway station of Mestre-Venice to Bibione. We can also propose packages with low-cost flights (arrivals at the airports of Venice, Treviso and Trieste) and subsequent transfer to the resort.

4) The team arrives by train to the Latisana station. There is bus and taxi service to the tourist resort close to the station (the duration of the ride is approximately 25 minutes). For further information see:

5) The team arrives after the closing time of the evening check-in. For any arrivals after closing the check-in, the person in charge of the contract must communicate the delay to the organizers before 19.00 on day of arrival, and finish the check-in the next morning. For guests staying in the apartment in Bibione, it will be possible to collect the envelope containing the keys and the map to reach the assigned accommodation directly at the reception of the Villaggio Turistico Internazionale open 24 hours a day, with the instructions of how to reach the assigned accommodation. The team must formalize their check-in the morning after the arrival. For accommodation in Hotels and Camps, you will have to check-in within, and no later than 10.30 am on the day of arrival. For arrivals at the hotel after this time you may want to opt for a 3/4 star hotels in that they have the night porter. For accommodation at the campsite, access with motor vehicles and setting up the tents must be made by 11.00 pm on the arrival day; for arrivals after this time is provided for the setting up of a provisional tents in the village, the next morning you will have access to the tents area of the village after you have checked-in. All accommodation must be vacated by 10.00 am on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed with the accommodation. The camping area must be vacated by 7:00 pm on day of departure.

6) Are the accommodations close to the sports facilities? The assigned accommodations are no further than 5 minutes by car from the sports facilities.

7) Is it possible to have apartments (mobile homes) close to each other? Yes, the assignment of apartments (and / or mobile homes) next to each other is implied when they are requested on the same registration form, whereas if you use multiple registration form, the request must be clearly specified.

8) Is it possible to have apartments with seven beds? Yes, the request shall be made by telephone to the organizers and then indicated in a note on the registration form. The cost of the seventh bed is € 40.00 regardless of the booked stay.

9) Is it possible to accommodation in an apartment with more people than the number of beds requested? No. It is not possible to accommodation in the apartments and mobile houses assigned by the tourist resorts with more people than the number of beds requested in the application form. Guest have to register.

10) What do the apartments include? The apartments consist of: two-room apartment for 4 persons (1 bedroom) or three-room apartment for 6 persons(2 bedrooms), living room with sofa bed and kitchenette (yes: crockery, fridge, stove), bathroom (no: toilet paper and towels ). In general, each apartment has a double bed and a sofa bed (no: bed linen, yes: pillows and blankets). In almost all the accommodation is offered the parking spot. The bed linen can be requested during registration.

11) Who should I contact in case of problems with apartments? For any inconvenience, (empty gas tank, lack of electricity, water leakage, lost keys, etc.) you must contact the lessees agencies that close their offices at 19:00, after that time it will not be possible any type of intervention. Therefore, it is recommended to check in by 18.00 to control the correct functioning of the supply systems (electricity, water, gas). The organizers will not be able to provide any assistance to the participants that will formalize check in after 18.00. We would like to remind you that the use of the hair dryer together with other electrical equipment (eg. boiler), can cause the exceeding of the available power and the consequent release of the differential safety: so the light will turn off automatically and you will stay in dark!

12) Is there an additional cost for an accommodation with a camper inside the resort? No, there is no additional cost to the one indicated in the application form for the camping spot. If using motorhomes and / or caravans the request will be indicated in the notes.

13) Is it possible to park one’s personal vehicle inside the resort? Yes, a fee-paying car park is available inside the Villaggio Turistico Internazionale, but there are parking spaces available near the resort. The participants are advised to pay attention to the no parking signs to avoid fees.

14) Can the athletes request a new identification bracelet? Yes, if it is broken, the organizer can replace it. The new bracelet will be delivered free of charge if the request is contextual to the return of the old bracelet and in other cases there is a cost of € 10.00.